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The Security Tango

What is the Security Tango?

The Security Tango is my name for the dance you have to do every time you want to assure yourself that your computer is free of viruses, spyware, keystroke loggers, backdoors, trojans, and other forms of malware (click the Definitions button in the menu to see what all those things mean). It's something you need to do regularly and often - daily is not too often! The simple act of getting on the Internet and downloading email or going to a Web page can expose your computer to malicious crackers who would love to take over your machine for their own use.

Let's Dance!

To dance the Security Tango, click the Let's Dance link up above.

Two left feet? Don't worry - it's not as hard as you might think!

Which Operating System Do You Use?

Originally, the Security Tango was mostly for Windows-based computers. I'm sure that those of you running Linux or a Macintosh used to laugh yourselves sick at all the machinations that your Windows-using friends had to go through to keep themselves safe. But don't get too complacent - your time is here! As Linux and the Mac have become more popular, we've see more viruses for them. Yes, there are verified malware programs out there for both the Macintosh and for Linux. You need to protect yourself. Equally importantly, if you don't at least run an antivirus program, you run the risk of passing a virus on to your Windows friends (assuming any of them actually talk to you). And that's just not being a good net citizen!

So I've split the Tango into parts - Windows, Linux, the Macintosh, etc. I'll add more as changes in technology warrant. But you get to all of them by that same "Let's Dance!" button in the menu!

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